Monday, March 18, 2019

Scenic views from four Phuket viewpoints (Photo-essay)

In addition to the cave temple at Suwan Kuha and a couple of local museums, my alternative (to beaches and spas) list of places I liked to visit in Phuket (and nearby environs) was one of the scenic viewpoints to be found on the Thai island.  As it turned out, I ended up getting up to four of them in the same afternoon -- ranging from a lookout over Phuket town to another at the southern tip of the island and two that offered up vistas of beaches on the western side of Thailand's largest island... ;b

Viewing platform and mainly urban vista at Khao Rang

Puppet Ponyo found conditions on the windy side at Promthep Cape
View of the most southern part of Phuket and 
a couple of smaller neighboring islands
Another view from Promthep Cape
Puppet Ponyo also posed for the camera at Windmill Viewpoint :)
View from Windmill Viewpoint of Promthep Cape and
a nearby island and beach minus Puppet Ponyo ;b
Call me jaded but I couldn't help but compare this view from 
and thinking that the latter's far more impressive ;S

Add in some sunshine on the water though and 
the view from pretty much anywhere will be magical :)

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