Thursday, March 14, 2019

Religion and nature at Phang Nga's Suwan Kuha (Photo-essay)

Shortly after I agreed to go to Phuket for a reason that didn't involve tourism, I went ahead and did some research about what are its attractions since I figured that I'd have some leisure time to check out some sights on my trip.  Upon discovering that they appear to mainly revolve around sun, sea, sand and spas, I freaked out a bit since sunbathing, swimming and spa-related activities are so not my kind of thing!

Before I actually got to the Thai resort island though, I had managed to come up with an alternative list of places to check out in the area -- and neighboring areas.  For, as it turned out, the very first attraction I ended up visiting on this most recent Thai trip (and the first to Phuket) ended up being the Suwan Kuha caves -- one of which houses a Buddhist temple a la the cave temples I visited a couple years ago in Ipoh -- over in neighboring Phang Nga province...

 Cave and temple entrance at the 
limestone hill known as Suwan Kuha

 Buddhas abound in main cave that's home to Wat Suwan Kuha

One of the more sacred sections of the cave,
 which one can only get to upon removing your footwear

Cave wall with inscriptions commemorating royal visits
Cave wall with grafitti despite a sign posted next to it 
asking visitors to not write anything on the rock surfaces :(
I initially thought the figure was as alive 
as the dog in the same picture! :O
The deepest and darkest cave was the one
I actually found to the most intriguing
View from close to the highest as well as deepest section 
of the cave system that visitors were allowed access to


Bill said...


I like this blog. It reminds me of your Ipoh trip and the Buddhist caves there. It appears you selected some Thailand sites that may stay in your traveler's memory.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

A couple of the caves at Suwan Kuha did indeed get me thinking of the cave temples I visited in Ipoh. However, the deepest cave at Suwan Kuha got me thinking more of the caves I visited in Sarawak some years back! Unfortunately, I visited the actually far more visually impressive Niah and Mulu Caves more than a decade before I came by a digital camera. So can't easily share photos I took in them on the blog.

Paul said...

Out of the many cave temples that you've visited anywhere in SE Asia, which one would you say is most visually impressive?

YTSL said...

Hi Paul --

I think that the Batu Caves has the most impressive entryway but Perak Tong is the most visually impressive to my mind. And yes, call me biased, but both of those cave temples are located in Malaysia, albeit different parts of the country! ;b

Paul said...

Just googled up images of both and I have to say ... Perak Tong does look amazing! I have to make a mental note for a possible trip of West Malaysia in the future.

YTSL said...

Hi again Paul --

Bear in mind too that there are a number of other cave temples in the Ipoh area -- and I have to say that I found all that I visited there more visually impressive than the cave temple at Suwan Kuha (though it's true enough that I also did like the one cave at Suwan Kuha that had been largely left in its natural state)! :)