Friday, November 16, 2018

Critter spottings in Takayama and Inuyama! (Photo-essay)

In yesterday's blog post, I wrote about having seen bear warning (or, in Japanese English, "bear attention") signs and also having come across snakes thrice already in Japan.  Happily, however, I didn't spot any bears or snakes about in the hills above Takayama or any other part of the country on my most recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.  

At the same time though, I was happy to have caught sight of some other interesting fauna -- and flora too -- this time around; and this despite my not having ventured as deep into the countryside as I had done on previous visits to the country (like when I went biking on the Kibi Plain, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of Iwami Ginzan or hiking in Togakushi)! :)

Small but pretty, blue butterfly spotted in the grounds of one of the 
Another small -- but different shaped -- butterfly spotted,
this time atop a bright yellow flower
I also spotted bees doing their bit to pollinate the flowers
A different-colored damselfly from the ones I usually see in Hong Kong 
 What appears to be the Japanese cousin of Hong Kong's (giant)
An exotic looking bird on a tree overlooking Lake Iruka,
the Inuyama reservoir bordering one side of the Museum Meiji-Mura
More members of the same bird species whose loud cawing
I heard before I actually caught sight of them!
Sorry, but I can't resist including this photo of Puppet Ponyo 
posing with a realistic looking cat figurine found in the 
Kusakabe Mingeikan, a historic Takayama townhouse :b


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The lone bird photo looked like some sort of a Cormorant. Not sure exactly which. We have lots of these around Tin Shui Wai\Nam Sang Wai\Mai Po area. Quite noisy if provoked and may fight for their catch.


alejna said...

Hi! I stopped by to wish your blog "happy birthday!" I've been so bad about blogging these days, but I'm really happy to see that you are still blogging strong. Lovely photos, as always! I will have to show Phoebe those birds. (She's gotten really into birding in recent years.)

YTSL said...

Hi T --

I was thinking "cormorant" too re the black birds spotted at Inuyama... I've seen those at Mai Po/Hong Kong Wetland Parks but had been too far away then to hear them "caw" so loudly!

Hi Alejna --

Thanks for the blog anniversary greetings! Yes, I'm still blogging and hope you will continue to do so -- no pressure though!

Paul said...

Probably a kawa-u?

YTSL said...

Hi Paul --

Thanks for the link. I think with it, we've positively identified those birds as great cormorants! :)