Thursday, April 19, 2018

From Pak Sha O to Sham Chung one fine spring day (Photo-essay)

I know people for whom spring is their favorite season of the year.  None of these people live in Hong Kong though -- and given how short and unpredictable weather-wise the season is here, and also how it invariably gives way to a long, super hot and humid summer, I reckon there are solid reasons why this is so.  

Every so often, however, we get a fine spring day: with bright blue skies, high visibility levels, temperatures that are cool or warm (rather than uncomfortably cold or deathly hot) and humidity levels that are acceptable (in that you won't feel like you've been rained on after walking outdoors for about 10 minutes).  Throw in the prospect of cool critter spottings galore and that's a pretty ideal hiking day as far as I'm concerned! 

And it was on one such bonus of a spring day, a friend and I took advantage of the pleasant weather conditions to repeat a Sai Kung Peninsula hike I've done a few times before and really enjoyed.  Going from the still occupied village of Pak Sha O over to the largely abandoned village of Sham Chung (where kaito still stop to pick up as well as drop off passengers), we passed scenic countryside -- and, yes, did catch sight of a number of pretty interesting bugs... ;b

 Cultivated fields at Pak Shao O 
(Yes, there still are farmers in Hong Kong!)

Not the usual pose that I see dragonflies in :)
Light reflections on stream water
A spidery predator and its butterfly victim :O

A rugged section of hiking trail
The kind of view worth scrambling uphill to see --
especially when it reveals that our destination is within sight :b 
previous Sham Chung excursion, I never imagined (never mind knew) 
this type of creature existed until I caught sight at it mid hike! :O
Our hike's end: a beautiful place which a lack of vehicular
access has thus far managed to keep pretty idyllic :)


peppylady (Dora) said...

It slowly starting to look like spring in north idaho.
Coffee is on

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

Sounds like you are having better weather than folks over in northeast US. I'm still getting reports of snow from them this past week! Meanwhile, we may have a day with a high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius within the next few days!

Jon said...

A hawkmoth caterpillar of some species...

YTSL said...

Hi Jon --

Thanks for the ID!