Saturday, March 21, 2015

Amusing and aesthetically attractive displays at the 2015 Hong Kong Flower Show

Floral goats on display? It can only be the

I'm not sure what this creature is 
but it sure does look happy! :)

Among the curiosities on show are displays 
which actually aesthetically impress

On a day when Google's commemorating the first day of Spring (and the March equinox) with doodles of flowers on its page titles, it seems appropriate for me to pay a visit to the 2015 Hong Kong Flower Show which began yesterday and runs through to March 29th. 

There are some snobs who think this event's lower class and not all that cool -- this not least on account of admission to it being just HK$14 (US$1.80) and free to senior citizens aged 60 years and above, and also persons with disabilities and their minders.  But I have to say that it's an event I look forward to checking out each year -- not least because I find much fun and amusement along with aesthetic enjoyment to be had from seeing the imaginative floral displays to be found at Victoria Park courtesy of the Hong Kong Flower Show

What with our being into the Chinese lunar year of the goat (or ram or sheep), I expected to see floral goats on display -- like there had been snake-shaped floral arrangements a couple of years ago.  And sure enough, that was indeed the case!  But entering Victoria Park from the Causeway Bay side like I did, I actually saw some other floral creatures first.

The first displays that caught my eye were ones that gave pride of place to female figures with intricate floral gowns, large yellow chicken (a nod to Easter being around the corner perhaps?) and colorful birds in flight.  Also notable were the Housing Authority's display area which featured human-sized anthromorphized -- or, at least, cartoon figure-like -- bees, as floral display and also a costumed character which many people were angling to go pose with.

Most impressive of all for me was a display from one of the district authorities that didn't just incorporate flowers, green plants, bronze sculptures and water but also dry ice as well!  In all honesty, it's quite amazing to see the efforts that some groups and organizations put into the exhibits they set up here at the Hong Kong Flower Show.  And it's only fitting that they attract the attention -- including from enthusiastic shutterbugs -- that they do during these few days that they're there for people to see and enjoy! :)


peppylady (Dora) said...

Never been to a flower show like that. My snowdrops and crocus are blooming now.
Coffee is on

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

Since you're thousands of miles away from Hong Kong, I guess you're going to have to rely on such as my blog to enjoy this kind of flower show! Re your snowdrops and crocus: yep, spring has come! :)

EastCoastLife said...

I read the news about this flower show. Wish you had show more photos. I would love to visit but it's ending on 29th Mar!

Anonymous said...

Who are these snobs? A group of my friends and I return year after year. These are gardening enthusiasts and among them are some of the most educated and well respected people in HK. I would love to talk some sense into these snobs.
Shame on them, beauty and happiness have no boundaries!

YTSL said...

Hi EastCoastLife --

I didn't want to overload people with flower photos! Anyway, I'm sure other bloggers, etc. will put up some Hong Kong Flower Show photos before too long, if not already. And you can plan to come to Hong Kong for next year's flower show -- it's an annual event, after all! :)

Hi Sophia --

Re the snobs: they're the kind of people who think that they're cooler than the likes of you and me -- and if you're wondering, there are locals among them, not just expats. And yes, shame on them.

Personally I love events like the Hong Kong Flower Show in no small part because they bring together a cross-section of Hong Kong!

Bill said...


You're right, these flower displays are "aesthetically attractive"...And I like the way you use the word "anthropomorphized" because it really does describe some of these flower creations...Since I do read a lot of online Hong Kong news, this photo-essay is a pleasant relief from political and financial news, and the many reports of locals directing their animosity at "locusts."


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

I think news media everywhere pretty much anywhere -- unlike they are propaganda rathre than actual news outlets -- tend to focus on bad rather than good news. Either that or sex and celebrities.

But life is so much more than that -- and includes simple pleasures like attending flower shows. And yes, it's not all well in Hong Kong politically but I honestly still find it a livable place with much to recommend -- and that's why I'm still here!