Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hike down to Chek Keng from Luk Wu Plateau (Photo-essay)

Before going further in this photo-essay, I have to register my surprise at the lack of comments re last week's photo-essay.  Put another way: there doesn't seem to have been any love for the big lizard (though it's also true enough that that wasn't the first time it made an appearance on this blog)...

Undaunted, here's going ahead and putting up a second photo-essay of the hike that took two friends and I from Luk Wu Plateau down to Chek Keng one sunny and hot (but actually not too humid) day that I remember causing the sunburnt arms and back of the neck of one of my friends to turn a quite amazing pink by dinner time that evening! ;b

A rock pool that's tempting to jump into on a hot day

...until you realize it's really close to this scary drop!

One of the prettiest waterfall areas I've seen in Hong Kong

I've never quite figured out what the deer symbol on the 
sign posts mean -- but part of me suspects it might mean one has 
to be as sure-footed as a deer when going along this trail!

Upon catching sight of this crab, we figured we were
now near the waters of Chek Keng Hau

Chek Keng is largely abandoned but one resourceful villager
has set up a stall here that sells cold drinks and such

I love taking close up shots as well as 
panoramic photos of Chek Keng Hau
 And yes, I also do love the kaito ride back to "civilization"
by way of Wong Shek Pier -- and taking photos while on it :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Yvonne,

The photo of the kaito ride is a fitting ending to this part two of your photo-essay. As I recall, the passage through the Tolo Channel looked very fiord-like. An idyllic ferry ride that must have been a perfect way to end the hike from the Luk Wu Plateau to Chek Keng.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

That kaito ride from Chek Keng to Wong Shek Pier is my favorite one in Hong Kong. My only complaint is that it's not as long as I'd like for it to be -- another 10 or even 5 minutes longer would make it truly wonderful! ;b