Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From the Sir Edward Youde Pavilion down to Luk Keng (Photo-essay)

A couple of years before I moved to Hong Kong, I viewed a Hong Kong movie directed by Derek Yee entitled 2 Young about two young lovers (played by Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit) who run away from their families and try to make their own home in various places, including an abandoned village in the countryside. 

At the time, I couldn't believe that there were abandoned villages in Hong Kong.  Heck, I even found it hard to imagine that there were villages -- as opposed to concrete jungles -- in "Asia's World City"!  Some years and many Hong Kong hikes later, I know better.

And yes, this is a prelude to confirming that the hiking route that a friend and I went on from near Bride's Pool to Luk Keng did pass by and through a number of villages, abandoned and still inhabited! (Also, if anyone knows which abandoned village features in 2 Young, do please let me know!!) ;b     

The Sir Edward Youde Pavilion is a nice place
to rest a bit before continuing the hike

It was hazier than ideal that afternoon but one still 
could see across to Shenzhen from this part of Hong Kong

The area between Nam Chung and Luk Keng has 
a number of old fish ponds that are still operational

My hiking buddy and I went along a trail we hoped 
would be a short cut down to Luk Keng from the pavilion, 
only to find that it led to another large grave! 

 So we ended up backtracking a bit and taking
this more obvious trail down instead

I find it interesting how many villages in Hong Kong
entirely consist of a single row of houses like this one

In Hong Kong, a 1962 building is old!
Luk Keng looks like an idyllic locale, doesn't it?


Unknown said...

Great entry, Yvonne! I'm afraid I don't know which abandoned village features in "2 Young." But I've always been intrigued by this film. I see it as a loose remake of the Shaw Brothers film "The Generation Gap," starring David Chiang. The films' plots are remarkably alike, and "2 Young" was directed by Chiang's brother Derek Yee. Chiang even has a cameo as the Judge in the film! Like you, I'd love to know more about the locations chosen for "2 Young" and the film's genesis in general.

YTSL said...

Hi Bobby Dupea (who I think I know in "meat space" by another name... ;b) --

Glad you like this entry. I haven't seen "2 Young" in ages, never mind "The Generation Gap". You're making me think that perhaps I should check them both out again some time... ;b

And to those who know about the abandoned village that features in "2 Young", seems like at least two people -- not just one -- would be curious for information re it! :)

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Oh joy, more village scenes! Is the haze in the photos typical "weather" this time of year?

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

The haze is definitely more noticeable in the cooler months and less so in the hotter ones.