Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Okinawa's Underwater Observatory and Glass Bottom Boat Ride (Photo-essay)

On the morning of the same day that my two friends with whom I rendezvoused with in Okinawa and I made our way out to Manzamo, we headed for two cool attractions located near each other that both are part of the Busena Marine Park. What with our visit to Okinawa's world class Churaumi Aquarium the day before having thoroughly whetted our appetite to view more of the islands' marine life, we decided to go down into the Underwater Observatory located 170 meters off the coast of Cape Busena and also take a ride on a glass bottom boat moored nearby.

Looking back, I definitely would consider my visit to the Underwater Observatory and the ride on the glass bottom boat to rank among the highlights of my Okinawa holiday. So I'm truly sorry that the photos I took while I was safely from inside that wonderful facility just doesn't do that amazing experience any justice.

Still, with the thought that something is better than nothing, here's going ahead and offering up some photos taken while in that facility as well as of that facility and the glass bottom boat. As for the boat ride itself: I have to say that this happened to be one of the times where I was really so focused on the act of looking that I decided against doing anything that would distract from that activity such as attempting to take good and clear photographs of what could be seen under the sea -- but yes, it sure was a great experience, particularly because I got to see far more marine life (including many brightly colored fish but, also, beautiful blue-grey starfish, sea cucumbers of varying lengths and colors, and three seriously scary-looking striped sea snakes) over the course of the ride than I expected would be the case! :)

Two children play at the water's edge --
with a
glass bottom boat and the Underwater
visible further in the distance

A closer look at the Underwater Observatory
and -- I kid you not -- the
seafood restaurant
located nearby! :O

It was so windy on the walkway out to the
Underwater Observatory that Puppet Ponyo
trouble standing up straight (and I worried
a bit
that she would get blown into the sea!)

Fortunately, she and I (and my two friends) did
manage to make it to the facility -- and down

four meters inside of it -- without any mishap!

View of -- let me emphasize here -- marine life that are
actually out in the sea (rather than in an aquarium!)

It was amazing to see the waters teeming with life!

Seemingly so little separated those of us
inside the
Underwater Observatory
from the life -- and sea water -- outside

Lest it not be obvious: I would most heartily
recommend that
a visit to Okinawa Honto include
a ride on one of these glass bottom boats
along with
a visit to the Underground Observatory! :)


sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

No need to worry if Puppet Ponyo fell into the ocean. M and I would have jumped in a saved her!!!

baroness radon said...

You and Puppet Ponyo are making me want to go to Okinawa.My husband was there on business a few years ago, but he never hinted that it was this nice.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Now you tell me! Though after seeing all those creatures in the Okinawan sea, I definitely would not have wanted to swim in it! ;O

Hi baroness radon --

Aww... and hope you'll have your chance to visit Okinawa some time soon. :)

Trekcapri said...


How did I miss Miss Ponyo's underwater adventures on this post! Your photos are beautiful. Looks like a lovely place to visit someday.

Thanks for sharing.

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

I'm not sure... maybe you were on vacation somewhere and not checking my blog so regularly when I posted my Okinawa holiday entries? ;b