Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Along Lantau Trail Section 12 (in reverse!) (Photo-essay)

One gray December day, I took the ferry from Central to Mui Wo where I met up, as pre-arranged the day before, with my regular hiking companion at that Lantau town's pier. Although visibility was not as high that day as we would have liked, such as the cool (as opposed to cold) winter temperature was actually to our liking.

All told, we enjoyed our 9 kilometer hike along Section 12 of the Lantau Trail (but in reverse from the official direction) -- and have vowed that we will hike along this trail again some time when we have greater visibility... for certain scenic panoramas viewed along the way promise to be truly breathtaking on another, clearer day...

Gray sights from the ferry to Mui Wo that day

The hike start was just a few meters from Mui Wo pier
-- but in such an inconspicuous place that it

actually took us several minutes to locate it! ;(

Our moods lifted up considerably upon getting such as this
nice view of Mui Wo town not long after starting the hike

Although the Lantau Trail is long established,
this section of it looked like some construction work
was (still) taking place along it

A look a little way beyond the path yields
scenic natural vistas like this one

A study in fortitude -- this butterfly actually was still alive
and could fly despite being without a large part of a wing!

Very few Hong Kong trails are flat -- and we could
count ourselves fortunate that the uphill sections of

this trail didn't have overly steep gradients

In the distance lies something that I can get
excited to set my eyes on when hiking --
i.e., a trigonometrical station on top of a hill ;b

To be continued in a week's time... :)


peppylady (Dora) said...

Every time I visit your blog I'm so amaze the place there is to hike in your neck of the woods.

Coffee is on.

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

Thanks for visiting and checking out (and commenting so I know!) a non-Photo Hunt entry! :)

And yeah, there are indeed lots of places to hike in and trails to hike along here in Hong Kong. :)