Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hello Kitty rules Hong Kong, and more!

Hello Kitty in the MTR!

Tee hee hee hee and bwahahahahaha! Hello Kitty rules the world!!!! :b

Okay, maybe not quite -- but I have to say that I have finally accomplished what I've wanted to do for some time now: i.e., help to put Hello Kitty on the cover of a magazine -- in this case, bc magazine. (And yes, it is the first time in bc's close to 13 year history that Hello Kitty has been its cover cat!) :))))))))))))))

To read my article on the cute cat, go here. And while we're at it, other links of interest to pieces written by me are:-

1) Bonni(e) Blackbird -- a feature article on a controversial play that was a major hit in Edinburgh and London and soon will have its Asian premiere in Hong Kong (cum interview with the very personable lead actress of the Hong Kong edition of the play, Bonni Chan;

2) A review of Flash Point -- the visceral action movie directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen, Louis Koo and Collin Chou (AKA Ngai Sing); and

3) An interview with Alexi Tan -- the director of Blood Brothers, an upcoming movie starring Daniel Wu, Liu Ye, Hsu Chi, Chang Chen and Tony Yang.

Enjoy? I certainly hope so, perhaps more so this time around than usual! :)


Willow said...

Hi hi!
Yay for Hello Kitty. haha. I like to see it wearing pants too.

Looking forward to Blood Brothers.

sbk said...

Wow, The magazine cover is great as is your article. How many MTR Hello Kittys have you purchased?

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Hahahaha re your appreciation for Hello Kitty wearing pants. Have to say that I think a few of the MTR figurines could have been Dear Daniels, not just Hello Kittys... ;S

Hi sbk --

Thanks and 2 is the answer to your question. More specifically, I'm restricting myself to the Hello Kittys that don't have headgear because I think she looks funny with and thus far, have the Hello Kitty Technician (Infrastructure Maintenance) and Technician (Rolling Stock)... :)))

Anonymous said...

There's any number of reports across the net, as here, what, Hello Kitty armbands for minor infractions by police officers? There's something wrong here ;).

- NK

YTSL said...

Hi NK (Neil, is that you?) --

Yes, well, maybe like God, Hello Kitty can lay a guilt trip on errant individuals so that they will feel obliged to do good and better in the near future! ;b

Lynn said...

Hello Kitty is also making a come back here in the Philippines. My daughter for one loves all her things Hello Kitty!

YTSL said...

Hi Lynn --

Please convey my regards to your daughter and, also, congratulate her for having great taste! :b

A. said...

There isn't the same following in Europe it seems, though there is some.

Great articles! I hadn't heard of Bonni(e) Blackbird before but I'm going to make some enquiries. Sounds very interesting.

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Something else that's different is that often times, outside of East Asia, Hello Kitty is seen as something for young girls whereas over here, there really are male as well as female and adult as well as young Hello Kittyphiles!

As for "Bonni(e) Blackbird": Please note that that's the title of my article but that the play itself is entitled "Blackbird". :)

alejna said...

Congratulations on getting Hello Kitty on the magazine cover! That is an accomplishment that very few can boast of.

I'm glad to see you've been posting a bit since I last visited! I look forward to catching up.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Thank you and happy reading (of the Hello Kitty article and my newer blog entries)! :)

Ed Waffle said...

Terrific article on Hello Kitty--I read it a few days ago following a link at the HKMDB. While I have yet to succumb to Hello Kitty fever (I didn't realize she had an entire family, for example) a friend who has a lot of branded stuff also thought it was a great read.

Congratulations on getting the cover

YTSL said...

Hi ed waffle --

Thanks for the kudos and I'm happy to learn that you enjoyed the piece, despite your not (yet) having succumbed to Hello Kitty "fever", and appear to have even referred a friend to it... ;b

The Great Swifty said...

Hola, just got back from Chile.

So, which did you like more, Flash Point or Invisible Targets? :D

YTSL said...

Hola back at ya Swifty --

Like "Invisible Target" as a movie more but as far as action goes, the winner has to be "Flash Point" hands down! :)