Thursday, August 30, 2007

13 Good Things about Hong Kong, and more

The kind of view of the 'Fragrant Harbour'
that many people are most familiar with

A new issue of bc magazine -- which has now been published for 13 years -- is out on the streets today. And here are (the links to) some of the articles within it that I wrote:-

i) 13 Good Things About Hong Kong -- and, actually, I could have listed several more, if needed!;

ii) Bridge-building Blossoms -- an interview feature with Dean Gilmour, the Canadian director and one of the stars of Lu Xun Blossoms, a 'physical theatre' adaptation of selected works by the father of modern Chinese literature;

iii) Of Dancing Dreams and Angel Falls -- an interview feature with Raymond To, the director and scriptwriter of the Hong Kong Dance Company's Angel Falls (as well as scriptwriter of Hong Kong movie masterpieces like Peking Opera Blues, Shanghai Blues and Hu-Du-Men);

iv) Mobile Phone Hell -- interview with Carol Lai, director of Naraka 19 (which is due out in Hong Kong cinemas on September 6th); and

v) A review of Blood Brothers.

Also, it's not written by me and actually was in the issue before this one but here's taking the opportunity to highlight an article entitled Tasting Hong Kong which I reckon is another which gives a good idea of the territory's charms. And if its author is reading this: Marissa, miss you but nonetheless hope you're happy back on the other side of the globe! :)


A. said...

I've just read your 13 good things article - 17 days of public holiday! What sort of annual leave entitlement do people have on top of that?
You've sold me on Hong Kong, even before I got to the dining heaven bit :)

leo86 said...

From those pictures you posted from BLOOD BROTHERS, I'm guessing this is a musical. Hope it's better on that score than PERHAPS LOVE. ;)

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Note: 17 days of public holidays there may be but only 12 that the employers are required by law to grant employees. As for annual leave, alas, I've only got 10 days... :(

Still, glad to haer that I sold you on Hong Kong. So when are you coming over to visit? ;b

Hi leo86 --

Hmmm...why do I get the distinct feeling that you didn't read my BLOOD BROTHERS review? ;(

glenn ( said...

so did you ask Raymond To loads of Peking Opera Blues-related questions? I hope so. I would interested in reading more.

Why does Blood Brothers sound so similar to Shanghai Triad to me? Is it similar? I admit that I have a soft spot for Zhang Yimou's film despite it not being considered one of his best.

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

I did talk to Raymond To about "Peking Opera Blues" -- and a lot of other movies. How could I not?
Especially when early on during our meeting, he modestly asked me whether he needed to tell me about his background.

(At which point it took a gigantic effort on my part to NOT go all fangirlish and tell him: "I know you just happened to have scripted my favorite movie in the whole wide world!" Instead, I smiled and indicated that I did indeed know his filmography, etc.)

But, alas for the likes of you, that discussion's not covered in the article as it's meant to be focused on "Angel Falls" (Raymond To's latest work).

As for "Blood Brothers": Suffice to say that its story will remind Asian film fans of a whole bunch of movies...though I also will say that "Shanghai Triad" wasn't the first movie that leapt to my mind. :S

leo86 said...

Of course I read your review, silly. It's just that all those photos of Shu Qi on stage with the chorus line tell a very different story. And one I'd want to see if that's what the movie actually was. I've seen a million Asian gangster movies, but only about a dozen or so Asian musicals--even if I count the Huangmei operas! And where are the Twins when we need them?! :DDDDDDDD

YTSL said...

Hi again leo86 --

As you know, Hong Kong movies tend to have music bits even when they're not musicals. And "Blood Brothers" is that way -- even if it's not a Hong Kong movie (per se). But Shu Qi *does* sing as well as dance in "Blood Brothers" (as mentioned in my review which I'm glad that you did read...) -- much to my horror and consternation. :S

As for the Twins: Gillian's appearing in "Naraka 19" which opens next Thursday while Charlene's going to at least be in a movie that opens early in 2008.

Willow said...

Have been in Hawaii the last week. Thanks for the review of BB. I haven't yet seen it and I don't really expect much substance. The preview and publicity pics pretty much give it all away. If one were to watch the film, we'd be able to watch the exhibit of over-emoting, is all. Plus, I actually do think DW is sometimes painful to watch. ;D Not in the desperate way, mind you...

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Hope you had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I loved my visits there and it's one of those places I'd like to return to at some point in the future.

Re "Blood Brothers": I'm not sure about over-emoting. The thing that really strikes me about the film is how little emotional impact it had on me... :S