Friday, March 11, 2016

Natural attractions at Lai Chi Chong and along the way to it (Photo-essay)

The village of Pak Sha O has the reputation for being among the most charming in Hong Kong, and I could see some shutterbugs being content to spend an afternoon photographing its buildings and surrounding area.  And even while it tends to be a place I pass through on the way to or back from somewhere else -- like the time a friend and I hiked over to Lai Chi Chong from Pak Sha O (and back) -- I will admit to being unable to resist snapping some shots whenever I am in the area.

As it so happens though, my focus that afternoon tended towards the natural rather than cultural.  And not only did I fixate on the rock formations at Lai Chi Chong when we were in that section of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark but on the sections of trail near Pak Sha O, I went shutterbug crazy after encountering a bunch of interesting real life bugs! ;b      

Is that a Gaudy Baron in the picture?

Two grasshoppers balancing easily atop a thin piece of leaf 
 One of the hairiest caterpillars I've seen to date!

I love spotting stick insects when out hiking :)
 A caterpillar that could be mistaken for a leaf it weren't 
moving so much when we encountered it! ;b 
Lai Chi Chong village and the surrounding hills make for
an attractive sight from Lai Chi Chong pier
Walk westwards along the coast, one eyes soon
get to looking down and fixating on
Surely it's not just me who reckons that rocks can be pretty? :)

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