Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Along the High Junk Peak Country Trail down to Joss House Bay (Photo-essay)

Some day, I'll gather up enough courage to actually get to the top of the formidable looking High Junk Peak, long considered to be one of Hong Kong's most treacherous peaks.  For now though, I'll just content myself with having gone along the High Junk Peak Country Trail on two different occasions.

The first time around, I was perfectly content to stick to the High Junk Peak Country Trail in Clear Water Bay Country Park.  On my second time on the trail, I did seriously consider diverting off trail to scale the peak -- but while I could see myself getting up to the top without too much difficulty, I worried about getting down without any sprained ankles or tumbles.  (For the record: going down steep inclines scare me a lot more than going up them.)

Even without going up to the top of High Junk Peak, I'm still glad that I hiked in that area that day -- because, the way I saw it, visibility was noticeably better this time around than previously.  And while they don't have the glamor of High Junk Peak, I do very much like the plateau area around Tin Ha Shan and also the Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay close to this particular hike's end! :)

The High Junk Peak Country Trail has distinct sections
for hikers and mountain bikers

This is one of those Hong Kong trails on one side of which
are high rise buildings and on the other, beautiful beaches!

The formidable High Junk Peak

This photo gives some idea of how high up I got 
before I decided to turn back and head down the hill... :S

A view of beautiful Clear Water Bay, with the 
Ninepin Group of islands far away in the distance 

Do the people behind this emergency helpline
know something that we don't?! :O

I'm not sure which is the more surreal sight -- 
my hiking buddy posing atop an interesting rock formation
or the golf course perched at the end of this scenic peninsula! ;b

One steep descent along hard stone steps later, we're down 
at sea level enjoying beautiful sights like at Joss House Bay :)


Sofia said...

Hiking is fun with friends like that of your friend who poses like he's invincible.. it takes courage to pose in that kind of rock! Love your photos, and your friend's pose and that beautiful sight at Joss House Bay were my favorites. :)

YTSL said...

Hi Sofia --

Thanks for your comments.

You're right -- hiking is fun with friends, especially friends with a sense of humor (and who take time to enjoy the scenery and other sights, rather than just hare about from start to end)! :)

Footy_Galorr said...

Hi, can you tell me how to get to the top of high junk peak? Is it off the country trail somewhere? Thanks, nice pictures!

YTSL said...

Hi Footy_Galorr --

Yep, the way to the top of High Junk Peak is off the High Junk Peak Country Trail -- or, rather, the ways because there are three possible trails (all of them marked as "difficult" on the map).

One is before the Country Trail's marker C3104, another lies a little to the south of marker C33105 and the one I went along for part of the way before giving up starts a little to the south of marker C3106.

And even if you don't go up to the top of High Junk Peak, I definitely can recommend hiking on the Clear Water Peninsula. Especially on clear days, there really are beautiful views to be had there. :)

StephenC said...

I went up there once, with some old high school friends. There was actually a sign at the bottom of the trail going up warning against going up there. It was scary but not really too dangerous. I would not go up there by myself. But with experienced friends, it should be OK.

YTSL said...

Hi StephenC --

You have my respect for going up to the top, especially since -- like me -- you have some vertigo.

Which way did you go up and then down? From its north or south side?