Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello Kitty X herbal drinks (and soups and jellies)

Hung Fook Tong's been Hello Kitty-fied!

As Chinese New Year approaches, 
the Hello Kitty at Hung Fook Tong is to be found 
in a more traditional Chinese garb :)

Close to a month ago Hello Kitty appeared on my blog for a Stellar Advertising Photo Hunt entry in which I discussed how many companies pay for Hello Kitty to advertise their products (as opposed to the cute cat's parent company, Sanrio, paying for her to be associated with those products).
Currently, there are two major promotions featuring the furry feline in Hong Kong.  One of them is the annual 7-11 Hello Kitty/Sanrio program that this time around involves a Sweet Delight collection of Sanrio figurines (which, incidentally, don't include any of Winkipinki *sob*).  The other is one that comes courtesy of Hung Fook Tong, purveyors of herbal drinks, soups and jellies.

If truth be told, I prefer to get my herbal teas -- including 24 herbs tea when I'm feeling flu-ish, five flower tea when I'm feeling fatigued and chrysanthemum tea in hot and humid weather (i.e., during the long Hong Kong summers) -- from individual herbal tea stalls and shops (like the one that prominently features in Herman Yau's under-rated Herbal Tea) rather than a chain store.

But Hung Fook Tong's not too bad in a pinch -- and their Mango Deluxe drink is pretty tasty (though, not as addictive as those at Hui Lau Shan!).  A warning for those who are tempted to try their cough relieving tea though: it's really strong and one should not drink the contents of one bottle of it in one go!  I fortunately was specifically told not to do so by the person at Hung Fook Tong who sold it to me but a non-Cantonese speaking friend was not told anything and lost her voice and felt even more ill when she did so when she came down with the flu and decided to try a Chinese herbal remedy to help alleviate some of her flu symptoms! ;b


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Love the Hello Kitty promos. And I would probably go into the stores and purchase something with her on it. Even if I never used the product. The packaging would be enough for me.

ewaffle said...

The Hung Fook Tong cough remedy tea must pack quite a punch--sounds like it should be sold in smaller bottles to protect the unwary (or linguistically handicapped).

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

I love the Hello Kitty promos too! Have to admit that I find the 7-Eleven ones particularly addictive, and will ask friends to help me collect the stickers needed to get the promos' particular figurines, charms, etc. ;b

Hi ewaffle --

Yeah re that particular tea packing quite the punch. I wouldn't suggest smaller bottles but some English information on the existing bottles would be helpful!