Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Along the edge of High Island Reservoir to hike's end (Photo-essay)

Some hours after starting our hike at Sai Wan Pavilion and then heading over Sai Wan Shan down to Long Ke, where my three friends and I took a short break on the beach before resuming our trek, we finally hit a stretch of more or less level and paved trail.  Still, we couldn't completely relax yet as this portion of the trail -- which officially consists of Section 1 of the Maclehose Trail -- is 10.6 kilometers in length.

As it so happens, we ended up walking in near darkness for the final couple of kilometers or so.  Fortunately, we did have flashlights with us -- or in my case, a mobile phone with a flashlight function!  And yes, before the sun completely set, we were treated to some stunning golden hour scenes along the way... ;b     

One of the more healthy looking feral cows 
found in various parts of Hong Kong photographed 
walking along the East Dam of High Island Reservoir

 Down at sea level, there's a cave near the
East Dam that I could see some people 
getting tempted to go into and explore

To the west of the East Dam lies Po Pin Chau
which was separated from the land nearby
by natural forces, including long term erosion

Monument located near the East Dam erected 
in memory of those who lost their lives working on 
the High Island Reservoir project

 A High Island Reservoir view filled
with various shades of blue

 Looking ahead to some of the sections of trail 
we still had to trek along before getting to hike's end

  Golden hour view from the West Dam
of High Island Reservoir

Although it was getting dark, I still couldn't resist
stopping to taking photos at this late stage of the hike ;b

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