Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From the Trappist Monastery up to a hilltop with grand views (Photo-essay)

Say "Lantau" and "monastery", and chances are that most people will think of Po Lin, the Buddhist Monastery on the Ngong Ping Plateau whose biggest statue is none other than the famous Big Buddha.  However, it's not for nothing that at least one online Hong Kong authority has labelled Lantau Island the Isle of the Unexpected.  

Actually, when you connect the facts of Lantau being home to a number of monasteries and there being some 355,000 Catholics in Hong Kong, the existence of a Trappist monastery on Lantau becomes not so surprising.  Still, because it's still not every day that one finds oneself passing by a Trappist monastery -- in the Big Lychee or most other parts of the world, for that matter -- I really couldn't resist checking out the section that were open to the public of the monastery that is located along the way of the popular hiking trail between Discovery Bay and Mui Wo that a friend and I went along one hot summer day...

 ...which is why it is that there's a photo of the inside of
a Trappist monastery chapel in a hiking photo-essay! ;b

 A greener and more conventional hiking photo 

Aren't they pretty? A red and black bug and its baby :)
(And yes, I'd be happy to be told what kind of insect they are!) 

A stack of fire beaters available for use if needed 
near the top of the hill from which splendid views 
of the surrounding area are to be had

Not yet at the top and it already looked 
pretty good to me :)

At the top and looking eastwards to Peng Chau and beyond
to Hong Kong Island as well as back downhill to the 
Trappist Haven Monastery (whose chapel's cross and roof 
can be seen in the photo -- especially if you click to enlarge it) 

 View that takes it that day's hike destination -- Mui Wo

Before proceeding to Mui Wo, however, my hiking companion
and I felt compelled to tarry a while atop the hill though
-- and with sights like this, who could blame us, right? ;b

To be further continued...! :)


Emilie said...

I really like this hike. It's been two years since I was there last.

YTSL said...

Hi Emilie --

I've been twice in about a year! I find it a really nice summer day hike -- with the paved nature of the trail making it so that it's a good option on days when I worry that other trails might be too slippery. :)