Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My favorite hike of the past year (photo-essay)

As promised, here's continuing, without further ado (not least because we're already midway into a different year!), with my photo-documentation of my favorite hike of 2010: that which involved a trek to and then along the Nei Lak Shan Country Trail on a beautiful, bright blue sky day:-

One of the photos taken in Hong Kong that many people
are likely to find hard to believe
actually is the case! :)

On the northern slope of Nei Lak Shan,
my regular hiking companion and my shadow
are the only human figures to be seen!

Scenic view that includes a couple of Ngong Ping 360
cable car cabins
, Chek Lap Kok airport in the background
and Castle Peak further in the distance

I wonder how many cable car riders
noticed the hikers near this part of their ride?

A part of Hong Kong that few people evidently venture
-- great for those of us who go there!

As we rounded the circuit that is the
Nei Lak Shan Country Trail, we caught sight
once more of the Big Buddha of Ngong Ping

Looking back, it is a rather scary to realize
how scarred by landslides Nei Lak Shan is -- and
how part of the re-opened Nei Lak Shan Country Trail
actually cuts across a landslide area

But when one is hiking at least part of the way
within sight of the Big Buddha, it's hard to not feel
that one has one step in heaven -- not least since this
part of Hong Kong really is so pleasant and beautiful! :)


alejna said...

Beautiful! I can see why the hike was a favorite.

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Great photo essay.

I like your shadow and the shadows of the clouds on the mountains in the distance.

Also I like the photo of the big buddah and surrounding vegetation.

Where does one go when one gets off the cable car? I see the cable car building but is there a trail one then takes? To the big buddah?

W said...

Did you take a side walk to the Wisdom Path (心經簡林)? There you will find the largest outdoor inscription in wood of the Heart Sutra. The place is kind of surreal if you get there very early in the morning or at dusk. Some info here: http://www.tourism.gov.hk/english/current/current_heart.html. Do a Google image search of 心經簡林 and you will find more photos.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Am glad my photos helped make you see why this hike's a favorite! :)

Hi sbk --

You mean the cable car building in the sixth photo from the top, right? For that's the cable car terminus up on Ngong Ping (versus the cable car building in the fourth photo from the top that's just a midway point that you can't get off at).

At the terminus up on Ngong Ping, you get deposited almost directly into the new/artificially created Ngong Ping "village", then you can go on a path that leads you within minutes to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery.

Hi W --

I went closer to the Wisdom Path on a couple of other hikes but haven't ventured into the actual area. It looks too touristy and crowded -- and it also looks as though the inscriptions are all in Chinese and no translations of them are provided in English. Am I wrong about that?

sarah bailey knight said...

hi again ytsl,

I meant the 4th photo down. Sorry, I didn't notice the station in the 6th photo until you pointed it out. And unlike the 4th photo there seems to be buildings close by. The midway station looks like it might be a more interesting place to get off if there were a stop there.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Sorry but no, you can't get off the midway station. But if you hike the Nei Lak Shan Country Trail, you'll get pretty close to it -- something that I find pretty cool! :)

W said...

Re: the Wisdom Path

The last time I went there it was after heavy rain. No a tourist in sight. Just perfect. If I remember it correctly (I may be wrong), there is English translation of the inscriptions at the viewing platform further up the hill. I'm not sure as I am reading the Chinese version. By the view, the place is stunning (if you can avoid the tourists).

YTSL said...

Hi again W --

Okay, maybe I might check out the Wisdom Path when I'm next in Ngong Ping at a time when that attraction's not too overcrowded with tourists! ;b

Janet | expatsisterhood.com said...

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do in HK - will check out that trail. Thanks for the beer recommends. I've been to Typhoon and Excelsior, but it's been a long time for both. Cheers!

YTSL said...

Hi Janet --

Sounds like we've have quite a few likes in common: i.e., hiking as well as beer! ;b