Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Violet Hill down to Stanley via the Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path

After going over Violet Hill from Wong Nai Chung Gap, my regular hiking companion and I went down it to Tsin Shui Wan Au (AKA Repulse Bay Gap). At that intersection, we found ourselves with various trail options including one that would take us down to Stanley via The Twins and another that leads eastwards to Tai Tam Road via the edge of a couple of the Tai Tam Reservoirs.

The one we went for took us towards Stanley via a far gentler trail than that which goes over The Twins. Part of the Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path whose northern section skirts the edge of Violet Hill, it also largely runs parallel to a catchwater before descending towards -- and offering great views of before ending near -- southern Hong Kong Island's largest town:-

On the way down to Repulse Bay Gap from Violet Hill,
one is treated to this view of
The Twins

In this part of Hong Kong, there clearly is
far more
greenery than humanity! :b

Further along our hike, tall buildings become visible
once more (even while still being far away)

Especially along the Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path part of the hike,
many butterflies flew by us but only this one
deigned to
come close and stay still enough to be nicely photographed

Private boats and a mansion by the sea belonging
to some people
living the high life in Hong Kong!

Then there's me who can get happy enough upon managing
to spot
and photograph such as this beautiful dragonfly! ;b

I wonder how many people traveling on that road know and
think to look up at the hikers looking down at their vehicles!

A wonderful view near hike's end -- wonderful, that is,
if one can overlook the band of smog visible in the distance! :S

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