Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From The Peak down to Pok Fu Lam (photo-essay)

As so it goes... the photo-essay series of the hike that began with an ascent up from Victoria Gap to Victoria Peak via Mount Austin Road and the Governor's Walk, that is. The last time around, I left off with a photograph of a surprisingly overgrown section of the Governor's Walk that led one downwards to High West Park.

After meeting up with the flattish circular walk known as The Peak Trail, my hike companion and I elected to head over to the start of the 50 kilometer-long Hong Kong Trail. But although we ended up in Pok Fu Lam like its first stage, we didn't completely follow its marked route and, instead, went our own way part of the way -- and ended up concluding our hike at a point where we could easily catch our choice of bus or green mini bus back to the northern Hong Kong Island urban sprawl...

For the record, this is how far up the 552 meter high
Victoria Peak
we managed to get... until we found
our path barred by the gate to this Police Radio Station

For some perspective, this is how the radio station tower
looks from Victoria Peak Garden

Proof (that) from high above, the view -- this one of
the northwestern section of Hong Kong Island
-- really is quite spectacular

The intimidating looking 494 meter high
High West hill -- as viewed from
a park on The Peak

Along Stage 1 of the Hong Kong Trail

Like on many other hikes, my hiking companion and I
took time to -- if not smell the roses, then at least

pause to admire some examples of floral beauty

Earlier on this same hike, we spotted
these delicate looking specimens

Close to hike's end (and close enough so that this is
an appropriate concluding photo-essay image),
this view of
Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and beyond gives an idea of how far
we had descended
(For yes, on the upper left is
the radio tower at whose station gates we stopped!)


Maya said...

Looks like another great hike. The view really is spectacular.

Diana said...

Wow, that looks really beautiful. I plan on going back to The Peak as soon as I can when I am there. I remember the tour guide said there was great hiking trails there, thanks for proving it.

YTSL said...

Hi Maya --

It was a much more interesting hike than I expected to be. And, yeah, great would be a good way to describe it, actually. :)

Hi Diana --

Definitely recommend that you not overlook The Peak when considering hiking options -- particularly if you're considering easy and/shaded walks on hot days.

Also do feel free to do a search on this blog for more (from) The Peak hiking photo-essays. :)

sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

Your comment "easy and/shaded walks" reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask. My local walks are mostly in shaded wooded areas where one encounters at different times black flies, mosquitoes, other flying tiny winged pests and ticks which means wearing clothing that covers ones body and limbs. You don't mention any of the above and I wonder if you encounter them on your hikes?

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

I do encounter mosquitoes and other pesky winged insects (notably, bees) but not ticks. In cooler times, I do wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts when hiking but in the summer, I usually just switch to a white t-shirt and 3/4 pants. Whatever I wear, I also spray insect repellent on me when I determine that that's needed -- and so far, okay for the most part (except I sometimes get bitten by mosquitoes on my hands as when I take photos, I get so engrossed I can forget about fending off the mozzies!)

Unknown said...

We missed The Peak the last time we were in Hong Kong as we had only a day's trip from Macau. Certainly stunning views!

YTSL said...

Hi Keats --

One day in Hong Kong? Goodness, so little time, so much to do (and miss)! ;(