Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tai Tam hike sights (Photo-essay)

Although I am but a novice hiker compared to some people I know here in Hong Kong (including two friends who I think of -- and have described to others -- as the demon and mad hiker respectively!), I nonetheless think it's fair to state that I've been on my share of hikes in the Big Lychee since moving here -- and, in the process, covered quite a bit of country in the territory.

As it so happens, the Hong Kong country park I feel I know best is Tai Tam Country Park. And several hikes on in the area, including the one that is the focus of this photo-essay and the previous one, I think I will have to conclude that it's also that which I love most... and would be most readily inclined to take visitors into to give them a taste of "wild" Hong Kong.

Should you wish to have an advance taste of what you'd be seeing if you were to go on a hike in the area with me, go ahead and scroll down... ;b

A caveat: Alas, I can't guarantee blooming flowers
at all times of the year

I also was surprised to see tiny turtles, koi
and other fish happily swimming
in the waters
of the Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir

Alternatively, enough water and a clear blue sky is
about all it takes to guarantee this beautiful area sight

To the south of that reservoir is a building whose
entry ways
have been strangely bricked up -- leaving
my hiking companion
and I to wonder what it was
previously used for
(a park warden's residence, maybe?)
and why it doesn't
serve a practical purpose any more

A stone bridge standing amidst lots of greenery

A smaller, more natural body of water than the
reservoirs with which Tai Tam Country Park
shares its
name (one which translates into English
as "Big Pond")

A place along the trail that's so idyllic
I think it's worth a second photo
albeit from a slightly different angle :)

To conclude: spider in the sky! (And yes,
this was a hike where we saw our share of spiders!!) ;o


Maya said...

It was only recently, through another blog, that I learned about all of the wonderful hiking in Hong Kong. We love to hike and the easy access to trails in Hong Kong has raised its position on our to visit soon list. Thanks for the advance taste of what we will be seeing!

YTSL said...

Hi Maya --

Glad to know that you're getting attracted to the prospect of hiking in Hong Kong. And yes, it really is amazing how many trails are just a short walk away from bus, mini bus and even MTR stops! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL... I thought you were the demon hiker, YTSL! ;p

I hope that one day you can show me around the beautiful Tai Tam Country Park. :)

Love that "spider in the sky" pic!

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Teeheehee... it's all relative, isn't it? I think I am smack in the middle range of hikers, actually, with the truly serious ones thinking I'm a lightweight and more casual ones thinking that my hike choices cause them too much pain and suffering! ;b

And yes, I hope that I can take you around Tai Tam Country Park one day. :)