Monday, February 1, 2010

From Quarry Bay heading towards Tai Tam (Photo-essay)

As I write this blog entry, the temperature outside is a balmy 20-21 degrees Celsius -- quite a bit warmer than your average Hong Kong winter temperature but still considerably cooler than the day back in early July that I went on a Hong Kong Island hike with a friend; one that began with us meeting at Quarry Bay MTR station and walking eastwards along King's Road, then up Mount Parker Road to Quarry Gap and along Stage 6 of the Hong Kong Trail down to the Tai Tam Reservoirs and Tai Tam Road.

Many serious Hong Kong hikers -- who can be identified by their being the kind of folks who don't carry cameras and aren't all that inclined to stop to do such as take photos and admire the scenery while out in the wilds of the Big Lychee! -- stop hiking during the summer months because its hot and humid weather really can drain as well as get one sweating buckets. For my part, I am disinclined to do this -- not least because the summer skies are often clearer and more beautifully blue than is usual for Hong Kong. Instead, I try to find easier hikes and/or ones that have quite a bit of tree cover and then go out and enjoy sights such as the following:-

A view of cloud-filled but blue skies
Quarry Bay as one ascends
Mount Parker Road from its northern end

High density urban and natural areas
super close to each other

Beautiful butterfly atop a bright yellow flower

A flower that blossoms in summer --
the Glorybower (AKA Ghost Lantern!)

As can be expected of someone whose blog name has
the word "webs" in it, I am fascinated by the sight
webs -- and the spiders that weave them... ;b

Deep inside Tai Tam Country Park
looking southwards towards Red Hill,
Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and beyond

Sunlight reflected on the gently rippling water...

...of Tai Tam Upper Reservoir --a place where
I like to pause and take time to drink in the scenery

each time I pass through and/or by!

(To be continued... of course! ;b)


Anonymous said...

Stunning pics, YTSL! I can practically feel what a gorgeous day that was.

I love that spider web pic with all the sun spots!

Red Hill... never heard of that before. Is it as exclusive as it looks?

YTSL said...

Hi duriandave --

Thanks for liking my photos -- and for commenting on this entry!

Re Red Hill: it's pretty expensive and generally expat. Not as exclusive as, say, The Peak but still hardly for the hoi polloi!

Maya said...

From your pictures it looks like there is some wonderful hiking around Hong Kong. Like you we hike year round. We've been known to hit the trail in 35 degree celsius weather, we just cover up from the sun and carry lots and lots of water!

YTSL said...

Hi Maya --

Yes, there is a lot of wonderful hiking to be had in Hong Kong. For more proof, check out the hiking photo-essays on this blog. :)

Re hiking in hot weather: I try to find trails with lots of tree cover and shade. Sometimes, I really luck out. At other times... well, let's say that this past summer, my hiking companion suffered heat exhaustion -- among other things, she had a splitting headache for hours and lost her voice! -- from a hike we went on! ;(