Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick thoughts on day 5 of the HKIFF

Life-size cardboard cut-outs of
The Sniper's three stars

Two of the movie's stars (Richie Ren in the middle
and Huang Xiaoming on the right)
with director Dante Lam (over on the left)

Five films in five days. That currently is my Hong Kong International Film Festival viewing record. Not insane by film geek standards but, then, I've also not taken a single day off from work thus far into the festival!

Of the five I've seen, only one of them has disappointed -- and probably due in large part to my high expectations for it. Even then, Shinjuku Incident -- one of the 2009 HKIFF's two opening offerings -- had genuinely entertaining as well as inadvertently funny moments.

At the same time though, it's with some sadness that I've noticed that I've actually more highly rated the three non-Hong Kong films I've viewed thus far to the two Hong Kong offerings that make up my viewed quintet. Also, find it rather ironic that it was a German documentary that chronicles an orchestra's tour of six Asian cities -- rather than a Hong Kong movie per se -- which presented views of Hong Kong that weren't only visually stunning but actually got me feeling once again how very privileged I am to actually currently reside in this city of great energy and life.

Still, it's early days yet -- so hope springs eternal that I'll find some gems among the Hong Kong cinema offerings I'll be taking in over the course of the HKIFF, like I feel I already have among the fest's offerings that hail from other parts of our large, diverse and often very interesting world.


Bengbeng said...

u must b having the time of yr life. when i think of my dull life in Subu..sigh sigh :)

kitliew said...

It's still not showing here yet Shinjiku Incident. Anxious! Finally there's a movie with proper Jackie Chan's action, not those stupid comedy.

YTSL said...

Hi Bengbeng --

I have to say that I really do love living in Hong Kong. Get the feeling though that you like being in Sibu. So... ;)

Hi Kit --

Er..."Shinjuku Incident" is *not* your typical Jackie Chan action movie. It's a movie in which Jackie tries to be a straight dramatic actor. The result: er... let's just say you should approach the movie with lowered expectations!

sbk said...

HI ytsl,

You captured such wonderful expressions on the faces of the people in the second photo. Richie Ren looks so great-his hair, glasses, face.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Thanks! Actually, re Richie: I thought the glasses made him look geeky whereas in the film, he was so macho! :D