Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bowen Road Path (Photo-essay)

The secret is really out! That is, that hiking in Hong Kong is not an oxymoron! And while there definitely are truly rugged, difficult hiking trails in the territory, gentler souls should rest assured that there also are routes that are easy yet still scenic... and really not that far away from the city center. In particular, the one I'd recommend for those who don't want to work too much of a sweat yet be able to say that they had at least a bit of outdoor exercise while in Hong Kong is the Bowen Road Path located in the Mid-Levels which I first ventured on a few years back (with two friends cum visitors to this blog, sbk and 'eliza bennet') and went walking on again one hot (but beautifully clear air -- hence my wanting to be out and about) day this past summer:-

Near the start of the Bowen Road Path
is one of seven boundary stones erected in 1903 for
the City of Victoria (AKA Hong Kong's Central District)

The view that day near the eastern end of the path
-- of part of Happy Valley, Jardine's Lookout
and the surrounding green environs

The Bowen Road Path is one of those
Hong Kong walking/hiking paths
where shrines are to be found along the way

...including this big phallic looking whopper
of a fertility shrine known as Lover's Rock! ;D

View of Causeway Bay and beyond
from near Lover's Rock

Further west along the walk -- a view of Wan Chai

When I worked in Wan Chai, I'd often gaze up into the hills
and see this grand old building and wonder whether
it had been abandoned (but looking down at it from
the Bowen Road Path, I'm inclined to think it's still inhabited)

It may be a modest waterfall but it still goes to show
that one does get to see more than concrete jungle
along this walk above the city :)


sarah bailey knight said...


The Bowen Road Path is an easy and fun walk. I like how you're right in Hong Kong but it can seem like you're in the woods away from everything. The house you thought abandoned is cool looking.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Have to say how out of shape/tired I was when we did that walk because the second time around, it turned out to be much shorter as well as easier -- and I include the going up to Lover's Rock part -- than I had remembered!

Another fun "right in HK" walk that gives one that "in the woods" feel is from The Peak down to Admiralty along the Central Green Trail. Maybe we can go on that when you next visit! :)

Dragonstar said...

That's an unexpectedly beautiful beautiful walk to find almost in the city. Yet again you've shown me a side of Hong Kong that we non-visitors would otherwise not see.
I've been a poor blog-visitor recently, too. Thanks for not giving up on me.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

Thanks for visiting (and commenting on more than just the Photo Hunt entries). Really appreciate it and am glad that I'm showing you aspects of Hong Kong you can appreciate even from afar. :)