Friday, February 15, 2008

Extra, extra! (More links to my published writings)

Cinematographer cum director Jingle Ma
-- who I interviewed a couple of weeks ago --
happily posing with a copy of bc magazine in his office :)

Is less more? As it so happens, this latest issue of bc magazine is the very first one for which I didn't write the Editor's Diary as well as one of those issues for which I wasn't responsible for the majority of the Live Music blurbs. Still, it's not like I was slacking off since I did do the legwork and writing for the following pieces (the majority of which are feature articles):-

i) American Orpheus -- Q&A with Rinde Eckhert, the star, scriptwriter and composer of the American Repertory Theatre's Pulitzer Prize-nominated rock music theatre production, Orpheus X;

ii) Playing with Ma -- Jingle Ma on his upcoming movie, Playboy Cops, and much, much more;

iii) Extra, Extra! -- Hong Kong Arts Festival Executive Director Tisa Ho talks about the Festival Plus section of this mega arts fest;

iv) Educating Theatre -- Arts feature piece about an upcoming Hong Kong production of Educating Rita; and

v) Le Grand Chef -- a review of the hit Korean cooking movie! :)

(N.B. I've noticed some formatting problems with the on-line version of more than one of these articles and will alert our designer to this problem within the next 24 hours so that he can remedy it.)


Glenn said...

so bc magazine is a glossy? for some reason, I expected it to look like the New York Post or something?

Just looking at his filmography, Jingle Ma has worked on a lot of the films that formed the basis of my HK film education. Iceman Cometh, Viva Erotica, Comrades, He Comes from Planet K, Fly Me to Polaris and on and on.

And Boys are Easy, of course.

sbk said...

Enjoyed your article on Jingle Ma. He has such a vaired body of work, some I really enjoyed some less so.

YTSL said...

Oops and mea culpa! Have belated realized that I've yet to respond to the comments on this thread!!!

So hi Glenn --

Yes, as you saw in the picture, bc magazine is indeed a glossy. Re Jingle Ma: I forgot about his "Boys Are Easy" work! But come to think of it, that Jingle Ma style of lighting is very apparent in that opening night scene, isn't it? :)

And hi sbk --

Glad you enjoyed the Jingle Ma article. He really was quite fun to interview -- and I trust that that came through in the piece. :)