Monday, March 5, 2007

Time for more Hello Kitty kawaii-ness! :)

Still more items from my Hello Kitty collection
-- and yes, the blue watch constitutes proof positive
that not all Hello Kitty items are pink or red!

Recently, I've received not one but two e-mails with links to things Hello Kitty from two different readers of this blog. So, after checking and realizing that a whole month has passed by without a Hello Kitty-themed entry, here's going ahead and acceding to what I'll take as hints that it's time once more to bring some (more) Hello Kitty kawaii-ness into our day and lives... ;b

Firstly, remember that Hello Kitty-themed wedding that I had mentioned back in January as due to take place in Hong Kong on Valentine's Day? Well, it really did happen! And you can go to this page -- thanks, sbk! -- on the official Sanriotown website to view photos galore of the bride, groom and Hello Kitty-themed event plus head over here to check out the blog dedicated to the event which boasts a video of the wedding along with more photos and some text!!

Moving on...unless you frequent sites like Hello Kitty Hell, you probably didn't know about the existence of Eva Air's special Hello Kitty airplane (which, incidentally, just won the Taiwanese airline the "Best Livery" award from Wallpaper magazine).

Still, it was only courtesy of an e-mail alert from Alejna of Collecting Tokens -- who, in turn, was sent the link in question by her husband and fellow blogger, John (a.k.a. The Sinister Butterfly?) -- that I learnt about the existence of this blog entry with its "you've got to see it to believe it!" pictures that show how Hello Kitty item-filled the plane actually is!

And yes, I realize that this entry's highlighted event and item may strike some people as more bizarre than cute. Also, that the fact that I consider them kawaii -- and, if truth be told, do hanker somewhat to take at least one trip on that Hello Kitty airplane... -- may cause people to really think that I'm weird... :S

But hey, better to be honest and admit to your Hello Kitty adoration than to deny or repress it, don't you think? Furthermore, yes, I do think that it's very sweet when someone tells me -- like more than one person has already done! -- that seeing something Hello Kitty gets them thinking of me... :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some plane! When is Hello Kitty Hell's wife bringing that home???

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Reckon that's one Hello Kitty item that Hello Kitty Hell's wife can't bring home. OTOH, she could go on a ride on it at some point -- though whether she can make him go along with her seems debatable! ;D