Friday, May 10, 2019

From To Tei Wan to Tai Tam Reservoir Road on a high visibility day (Photo-essay)

Among the friends I've gone hiking with in Hong Kong is one whose nature makes it so that I often am unsure if she's actually enjoying our excursion.  To be fair, she's not the complaining type; but neither is she inclined to show much enthusiasm.  So when, at one point during the hike we went on along that took us from To Tei Wan to Tai Tam Reservoir Road (i.e., Hong Kong Trail Stage 7, only in reverse), she exclaimed out loud at what was actually quite the scenic panoramic view that unfolded in front of us, I knew she must have been exaggerating her reactions as a joke!

At the same time though, I did realize that she did indeed think that particular vista was quite something -- and that she did enjoy that afternoon's excursion (not least because she's happily gone hiking with me a few more times since that day): for which I credit the beautiful scenery and cool critter spottings to be found along this Hong Kong Island hiking trail, the company (which included a second friend), and the fact that while it was pretty hot humid out there that day, with some gray clouds looking on the threatening side, we actually didn't get rained on that afternoon and were treated to much greater visibility than expected. :) 

Looking out to the southern end of the Stanley Peninsula and beyond
from Tai Tam Bay on a high visibility, even if cloudy, day
Looking over to the Redhill Peninsula and the far greener 
areas around and beyond it, including where our hike would end

A part of Hong Kong Island far from the concrete jungle 
that many people think is all that it is

Clear day view that allows one to see Hong Kong's southernmost
islands (Beaufort and Po Toi) from Tai Tam Bay

Lookit the beautiful wings on that dragonfly... and the fact
that there's another dragonfly stuck to it! ;b

On a less salacious nature note: check out the 
different colors on the rocks at the edge of the bay :)

Obelisk near the water's edge at Red Hill

One more scenic photo before hike's end near the 
Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir's 60 feet tall and 800 feet wide dam wall

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