Friday, December 11, 2015

A Tai Lam Country Park hike that ended at a roast goose restaurant (photo-essay)

More often than not, when I go hiking in Tai Lam Country Park, I enter Hong Kong's second largest country park at Tsuen Kam Au, where the convenient bus stop called "Country Park" is located.  Where the hike ends can vary quite a bit, however; and often is dictated by what I feel like eating post-hike -- with choice options including rustic "village cuisine" at Tai Wing Wah in Yuen Long, refreshing dessert at Kai Kee (also in Yuen Long), and goose in Sham Tseng!

One winter's day, a friend and I made our way from Tsuen Kam Au to Sham Tseng along a route I first went on in 2007 but which he was going on for the very first time.  Arguably the most spectacular part of the day's excursion was our roast goose post-hike dinner!  But it's not like we didn't also enjoy the afternoon's ramble, which did offer up some sights and views that I thought worth recording with my camera... ;b

I do appreciate that some brightly colored flowers
remain in bloom during the winter in Hong Kong :)

A scenic section of Tai Lam Country Park that I've always
felt compelled to linger at whenever I've passed through it

I also like walking through bamboo thickets, especially
when a wind is blowing through them

An on-site photo showing how the village enclave 
of Tsing Fai Tong looked in 1953

How Tsing Fai Tong looked when we  passed through 
the area on our hike that winter's day (with just 
one farm left and the landscape dominated by a large grave) 

 When you catch sight of the Garden bakery building,
you know that you're close to Sham Tseng -- and hike's end :b

This temple's tiled mural catches the eye but I found the 
small figures on its roof, particularly those depicting men 
riding what look big birds, more mind-blowing! :O

Yue Kee, our pick of the Sham Tseng restaurants
to have our roast goose dinner at! :b

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