Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zesty and Macro (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

Feast your eyes on these photos -- at least one of which might be considered as example of macro photography if you click on the image to view it in an enlarged format, in that the size of the subject in the photo will then be greater than life size. And even if they might not completely be appropriate for Gattina's choice of Photo Hunt theme for this week, I believe that they are for Sandi's  -- in that the pictured foods are far from bland tasting!

For those who are wondering, the top most shot is of a delightfully zesty crab curry I had the Friendship Thai restaurant in Kowloon City, the middle photo is of a super delicious dish of king razor clams in black bean and zesty chili sauce served up at Tung Po and the bottom picture is of a tasty plate of zesty green chili peppers stuffed with spicy mentaiko and topped with bonito flakes that I had at an izakaya in Causeway Bay whose name I embarrassingly can't recall!

And while many people might assume that the Thai dish is the spiciest of the three, I actually reckon that the Cantonese and Japanese options were about equal to the creamy Thai curry on the "heat" as well as yummy zest fronts! ;b


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Love the macro food photos. They all look tasty, especially the curry. What the dish on the bottom left of the curry? Looks like scallop type shells?

fredamans said...

It all looks very yummy!

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

They're all tasty alright -- so much so that I started salivating when looking at the pictures! ;b

Re the dish at the bottom left of the curry: those are boiled cockles. To be honest, I've had better in Penang...

Hi fredamans --

Thanks, I think so too! :)

magiceye said...

Delicious takes on the themes!

Carver said...

They all look and sound delicious. Great take on both themes. Happy Weekend.

LifeRamblings said...

those clams look delicious. happy weekend.

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, oh my goodness these photos is making me drool! They look so delicious and even more so in Macro view!

Have a wonderful weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

Glad to know that there is curry crab in HK. I would love to try it and I am curious how the black bean razor clams taste. Drools!

MaR said...

I would love to try them all, with a tall glass of ice water just in case!

zesty ~ macro

Anonymous said...

this week's theme is full of mouth-watering dishes. all too yummy. have a great week.

Anonymous said...

YUM. Lots of zesty food there. Now I am hungry.

Have a great weekend.

YTSL said...

Hi magiceye --

I'm glad you think so. :)

Hi Carver --

They are indeed delicious and I'm glad the photos give a sense of their being so. :)

Hi Life Ramblings --

They really are! And squid in black bean and chili sauce can be pretty good to... ;b

Hi TrekCapri --

I think you need to visit Asia for your next Slow Travel expedition... ;b

Hi EastCoastLife --

I've even had curry crab at a Singaporean restaurant here -- the Nosignboard place has a branch in Causeway Bay! ;b

Hi Mar --

Iced water would help but they're actually not crazy spicy hot -- thank goodness! ;b

Hi ewok1993 --

Yes, I've noticed that -- especially among those of us who combined Zesty and Macro in one blog post! ;b

Hi JDeQ --

I actually started getting hungry when choosing photos as well as writing this blog entry... ;D

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

yum, when I was in lower secondary school, Mum bought these razor clam. we were so amazed. Now in Malaysia, they have the small ones they call bamboo.

YTSL said...

Hi Ann --

In Hong Kong, they seem to interchange the names razor clams and bamboo clams. These big ones they call "king razor clams" -- and have to say that they really are more delicious than the regular sized ones! :b

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love a zesty dish... these look like they would fit the bill!

YTSL said...

Hi Sandi --

Think you'd find them to your taste if you ever get a chance to try any of them. :)