Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From Wong Nai Chung Gap up to Jardine's Lookout (Photo-essay)

In my first year of hiking in Hong Kong, a far more experienced hiker friend told me that there wasn't a single hiking trail on Hong Kong Island that was all that difficult -- especially compared to many other hiking trails in other parts of the Big Lychee.  Initially, I was skeptical; not least because I consider(ed) the conquest of The Twins to be quite the feat and achievement.

A few years on though, I realize where he's coming from.  And though I am by no means up to that friend's hiking standard just yet (or probably ever will be), it's also true enough that I've completed most of the hardest hikes (i.e., those rated 5/5 for difficulty) in the first Hong Kong hiking "bible" I owned -- Alicia M. Kershaw and Ginger Thrash's very helpful Above the City: Hiking Hong Kong Island; among which is Hong Kong Trail Stage 5 which goes up 433 meters high Jardine's Lookout and 436 meters high Mount Butler, two peaks from which one can gets marvelous views indeed on a clear sky day... :b

Near the high end Parkview housing area at  
Wong Nai Chung Gap are to found the starting points of 

A warning notice to be found near the
starting point of both those sections
of the Wilson and Hong Kong Trails

Minutes from the trail head, one comes across this 
trilingual commemorative plaque that gets one realizing that

 The same area today -- (now) so green and peaceful looking

On the ascent up Jardine's Lookout, it paid dividends
to stop every once in a while to look back and
check out the scenic vistas that were unfolding

Arrayed from left to right: Mount Nicholson, Mount Cameron
and -- by far the most built up of them -- Victoria Peak

Yet another trigonometrical station sighted and photographed
-- this one found atop Jardine's Lookout :)

A few meters away from the trigonometrical station
are to be found stupendous views like this one --
and yes, I have to say that I prefer the views from 
Jardine's Lookout to those from The Peak! :b
  To be continued (of course!)! :b


Dragonstar said...

You always post stupendous views! What a great place Hong Kong must be.

YTSL said...

Hi Dragonstar --

I'm glad you feel that way about my hiking photos -- and also Hong Kong! :)