Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peng Chau sights (Photo-essay)

One day last summer, I spent a de-stressing Sunday afternoon on Peng Chau.  While I covered quite a bit of ground and went up and down the island's two highest points, I have to admit to having some hesitation describing what I did as actual "hiking" -- since Peng Chau's highest point, Finger Hill, stands at just 95 meters above sea level, and the entire island has a total area of (slightly) less than 1 square kilometer.

At the same time, I was on the go for much of my visit to that small as well as quiet corner of Hong Kong -- and took a number of photos featuring natural landscapes as well as more built-up ones.  So here's presenting the following photo-essay that I'll go ahead from that day's excursion, some parts of which I'm going to go ahead and say involved a gentle hike (but a hike all the same!)... ;b

After getting off the Peng Chau ferry, I made for the hill 
up in the north of the island that may be just 40 meters 
high but still is topped by a trigonometrical station! :b

The kind of rock formation one'd expect to have a name
in Hong Kong but actually does not!

This coastal path has a name though -- with 
the Peng Yu Path also being part of the 

Morning glory flowers are a common sight in the Big Lychee
but I haven't usually seen them on a beach -- as was
the case when I visited Peng Chau

As this photo shows, the day of my visit was
on the gray and drizzly side -- but this state of affairs
didn't stop me from clicking away on my camera!

 Street scene in the main built-up section of Peng Chau
that includes the sight (on the left) of a stone tablet

 Steps leading up to the top of Peng Chau's highest hill
 (atop which there of course was to be found 
another trigonometrical station -- woo hoo!)

Muggy day view of a vista that I figure could be picturesque 
on a clearer, sunny day -- which means I'll  just
have to go back there again on a day with better weather! :)


sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

Wow a rock formation without a name! And a wooden boardwalk along the shore. Looks like a fun hike or walk.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Heheh... you wouldn't believe the number of rock formations with names here in Hong Kong -- and how quite a few of them don't seem all that well named at all! ;b

The wooden boardwalk is really cool, I reckon. And yes, I did indeed have a fun hike/walk on Peng Chau. :)