Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wannabe (Meme)

Over on his Cultural Snow blog, Tim Footman's written up an interesting post which lists seven things he's wanted to be together with seven occupational posts that he's held. At the end of it, he mused that "A meme beckons, methinks." And I have to say that I felt compelled to respond to his encouragement of "Off you go"!

So here's going ahead and offering up the following contributions to what I hope will be a fun and enduring round of blog-tag:-

Seven things I have wanted to be:

* Film festival programmer
* Travel writer
* Efficiency expert
* Newspaper columnist
* Fire fighter
* Professional footballer :o
* Professor of English (what I wrote in an essay as a 9 year old!)

Seven things I have been:

* English as a Second Language teaching aide & tutor
* Archaeology survey and excavation crew member
* Cultural anthropology instructor
* Museum consultant
* Television executive
* Tourism strategist
* Magazine research editor

And for those of you readers without blogs of your own: Here's inviting you to divulge what would be on your own lists over at this blog entry's Comments section! :)


Brian said...

Trust me when I say that you should cross efficiency expert off your list! That was part of my job description for years along with strategy and boondoggling. It can seem like a satisfying task when you observe obvious inefficiency around you - but when you have to make decisions to let people go it isn't much fun - and that usually is the end result of making an organization more efficient - doing more with less.

All I ever wanted to be was a professional tennis player but sadly I have a case of slow feet!

YTSL said...

Hi Brian --

I dunno, maybe I have a harder heart than you but it seems to me that even if it involves letting people go, if my (efficiency expert) job could really make an organization more efficient, then it: a) might save jobs in the long run in terms of preventing bankruptcies; and/or b) should help the organization as a whole to better serve their customers and/or clients. All of which aren't bad things at all!

So for all of your protestations, I'm still in envy of the likes of you for having held the position of efficiency experts... ;)

just me said...

I've wanted to be a few things in my life.

Top of my list are:
- National Geographic Photographer
- Librarian
- 3D Animator
- build dioramas in the museum
- run a toy shop
- professional video game player

Heh heh, now i just shoot photos and play video games for fun. =)


YTSL said...

Hi "just me" --

I'd love to work for National Geographic too -- though more as a writer than photographer.

As for building dioramas in a museum: I've done it once; and, yeah, it's indeed quite fun even while involving a lot of work! :)

Anonymous said...

A few things I've wanted to do:

-Merchandise China
-Chinese Opera Singer
-Action Film Stunt Person
-Book Buyer & Merchandiser for Hong Kong Bookstores

A few things I've done:

-Asian Antique Dealer
-Book Buyer & Merchandiser
-Fiber artist
-TESOL Teacher

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Considering how similar a couple of your "wannabe"s are to something you've done/are already doing, I'd surmise that you've pretty happy with your career path... :)

BTW, what's a fiber artist? Is that similar to a crop artist?