Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig to you! :)

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As I write this blog entry, Chinese New Year celebrations have already been in full swing for some hours now. For example, last night, I had a "steamboat" dinner with my parents and others. Also, even before midnight came along, fireworks were already being let off by high spirited Chinese New Year celebrants.

Then this morning, before I had even brushed my teeth(!), the sounds made by the drummers who are integral parts of Lion Dance troupes reverberated throughout our neighborhood. And before I had even finished drinking my morning cup of coffee, a stream of visitors -- including relatives from out of town -- started arriving at our abode. (Two other -- and related -- traditional Chinese New Year practices involve people taking turns having "open houses" and paying visits to the homes of family members and friends.)

At the moment, there appears to be a visiting lull (probably because it's lunch time!). So, while I have the opportunity to do so, here's wishing a Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig to one and all! And yeah, even if you're not ethnic Chinese, you can enter into the spirit of the festival by: a) wishing your loved ones good health, fortune and luck; b) eating lots; and c) being merry!! As well as, of course, doing such as wearing red and viewing a Chinese New Year movie (or more)!!! ;b


Edmund Yeo said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too.

YTSL said...

Hi Swifty --

Taking a break between visiting and/or hosting too? In any event, Keong Hee Huat Chai to you! :)

just me said...

I've already eaten yusheng three times already and will probably eat it at least once, if not twice more, till yuan xiao (fifteen day of Chinese New Year). Am wearing my red shirt and have more red clothes prepared for the next three days. And I've already watched one Chinese New Year movie. Am off to prep for a visit from several of my relatives tonight. More food. =D Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Sheng Ti Jian Kang and Nian Nian You Yu to you and to all who read this message. =)

YTSL said...

Hi "just me" --

As for me, my first yee sang of the new pig year is scheduled for tonight. And yes, I too am wearing red (i.e., a t-shirt with Chinese opera masks on it that I got from Macau back in April and stored away for this special occasion!). Haven't watched any Chinese New Year movies yet though -- am waiting for it to get less crowded at the cinema first... ;)

"Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Sheng Ti Jian Kang and Nian Nian You Yu"

Yikes! That's way more Mandarin than I can handle. Translation, please!!! ;S

Edmund Yeo said...

Well, I'm going to my mom's hometown at Ipoh tomorrow. Other than that, well, still recovering from the trauma of seeing Twins Mission. Man, that film made me feel suicidal.

Edmund Yeo said...

"Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi, Sheng Ti Jian Kang and Nian Nian You Yu"

Wishing you to be prosperous.

Everything you do will be smooth. (as in, you can achieve anything you want)

Wish you health.

And every year, your fortunes remain. Something like that.

YTSL said...

Hi again Swifty --

1) Please don't feel suicidal. Enjoy your time in Ipoh (instead, etc.)!

2) Thanks for your translation of "Just Me"'s Mandarin good wishes! :)

Anonymous said...

Gung hay fat choy!
It was a dry 70's (!) yesterday when I went shopping in my red t-shirt with the Mickey Mouse on it. Made sure everybody got some new garments. In-laws cooked a traditional CNY dinner at my home and then tomorrow (19th), we'll have a banquet at a restaurant. Still haven't watched my CNY film but I should be getting "Battle of Wits" in the mail soon. Can't wait for that the most. ;D


just me said...

Thanks for the translation "he Great Swifty". =)

Your translations are pretty much spot on except for "nian nian you yu" which means "years of abundance".

Not sure if you know this YTSL. But the "yu" in "nian nian you yu" sounds exactly like "yu" as in fish. Hence, part of the reason why yusheng is popular in Singapore & Malaysia. "yusheng" is also often called "lou hei" in Singapore and in Cantonese it means something like "tossing for good luck" or something like that, I'm not 100% sure since I'm not Cantonese.

YTSL said...

Hi GurlonFilm --

Dry 70s sounds nice. Over here, it's more in the region of the hot 90s! ;(

All in all, it sounds like you're having a very enjoyable plus festive time... :)

Hi again "just me" --

"Not sure if you know this YTSL. But the "yu" in "nian nian you yu" sounds exactly like "yu" as in fish."

Exactly -- even in terms of tones?? Wow if so (since I knew re the pronounciation but not re the tones)!

just me said...


"Exactly -- even in terms of tones?? Wow if so (since I knew re the pronounciation but not re the tones)!"

The 余 in 年年有余 (nian nian you yu) uses the second tone in Mandarin

鱼 (yu) which is fish also uses the second tone in Mandarin.

So at least in Mandarin, the "yu" in "nian nian you yu" is exactly the same. =)

I'm not sure if the same hold true in other dialects like Cantonese etc though.

YTSL said...

Hi once more "just me" --

Thanks for the clarification attempts. And cool -- at the very least! -- re your confirmation that the same tone "yu" can mean two different things in Mandarin. :)

Anonymous said...


Great blog! I actually prepared something of a feast in celebration of the Chinese New Year (I'm always on board for ethnic traditions involving food!). Outstanding, I'm told...

Up the Gunners--

YTSL said...

Hi there Detroit --

Glad you finally popped by for a visit and enjoyed it! ;)