Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheung Chau hike (Photo-essay I)

For many people, Cheung Chau = bun festival. But even though the Cheung Chau bun festival fairly prominently figures in at least one other Hong Kong movie (i.e. the sublime, My Life as McDull (2001)), the cinematic work that the dumb-bell shaped island is most associated with for many Hong Kong film fans is Riley Ip's even more bitter-sweet Just One Look.

The first time I visited Cheung Chau a few years back, it was in the company of a fellow Hong Kong film fanatic and her daughter. But my most recent visit to this one of Hong Kong's Outer Islands was to go for an easy summer hike -- one which this photo-essay partially chronicles:-

While waiting in the vicinity of the island's Kwun Yam Beach
for a few other humans to join our hiking party,

a creature that looked far more alien than human
decided to temporarily hang out with our group!

Shortly after our hike got underway, this vista --
of Kwun Yam Beach in the foreground,
Tung Wan Beach further in the background --

presented itself to us

Delicate butterfly and delicate wild flowers
(or are those mere shrubs?)

During our hike, it was Cheung Chau's rocks
that tended to most attract our attentions

Cheung Chau's vase rock has unfortunately attracted
the attention of at least one graffiti 'artist'

So has this rock that gets me thinking
resembles the side profile of a screaming human!

And is that an elephant I see before me?!

On the other hand, for the life of me,
I can't quite see why this is called
the human face rock!!! ;(

To be continued... for sure! ;b


ewaffle said...

this rock that gets me thinking
resembles the side profile of a screaming human

Almost exactly what I thought on first viewing it--it is more "apparent" (not really the right word of course) in the smaller blog-sized picture, probably close to what one sees from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Wow... cool rocks!

Regarding graffiti in nature, that is definitely one of my pet peeves. In the city, I don't mind it as much -- and often like it, if the location is thoughtfully chosen and the graffiti is artfully executed.

sbk said...

hi ytsl,

Awesome rock photos!!

Hope it wasn't as hot as the day we wandered around looking for the defunct movie theatre that was in Just One Look. It was a fun day though.

hcpen said...

Cheungchau always reminds me of ghost stories as Hk flicks of the 80s/90s loved to film supernatural stories in Cheungchau!

YTSL said...

Hi ewaffle --

Glad you had the same thought as me -- at least upon first viewing of that rock! ;b

Hi duriandave --

I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of graffiti, be it in the city or nature. Especially those that's pretty much just composed of someone's initials or some such "Kilroy was here" sign.

Hi sbk --

It was no way as hot as that day -- thank goodness!!! :D

Hi hcpen --

Oh, really? Can you give me some titles??? :D

alejna said...

Great photos! Those rocks look so very cool. And yeah, I see the screaming face, too.

That photo of the insect on someone's hand is really nifty, too. What kind of insect is it? It looks mantis-like.

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Glad you like the rock photos too. And re the insect: your guess is as good as -- and similar to -- mine! ;b