Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pottinger Peak Country Trail hike (Photo-essay)

A friend living outside of Hong Kong recently e-mailed me to ask whether one can hike in Hong Kong all year round. The answer is a qualified yes; with the caveat that in the summer months, it really can feel too hot and humid to hike in comfort. So much so that in such as the month of June this year, I only ventured out on to hike on the easy (1.9km) Pottinger Peak Country Trail one public holiday Monday in large part because it had rained the day before -- a development which brought with it the promise of (relatively) clearer air and attendant great views that would make the hiking feel really worth while...

Early on in the hike, however, it was sights close to us
that captured the attention and interest
of my hiking companions and myself

Hardly the biggest waterfall in the world,
or even Hong Kong for that matter,
but pretty all the same!

Butterflies are terribly difficult to take photos of
so I was happy this one decided to
pause temporarily on the ground for me to snap!

Looking south from Pottinger Peak down to Shek O

It might look like a resort but it's actually
Cape Collinson Correctional Institution!
(As a friend has observed: many of Hong Kong's prisons
sure are in really beautiful locations!)

So colorful they surely must be poisonous! :b

One of those views that can be gasp inducing --
and trust me when I tell you that
it's even more beautiful in real life! :)

...and again -- this time looking north across
the harbour over to the New Territories


alejna said...

Beautiful photos!

That is funny about the correctional facility. I would have guessed "resort," too.

And wow, those purple berries are so very purple! I wouldn't have thought that was a possible color for berries.

Anonymous said...

hi........ nice blog....... with cool fotos.....

Anonymous said...

can u add me to ur blog?

Dragonstar said...

You live in a very, very beautiful place!

YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Thanks and funny that we had similar reactions to the correctional facility but also the color of the berries! :)

Hi Vinoth --

Thanks for the compliments but sorry, am not going to add you to my blog links. (Have to get to know you or your blog better, etc. before I were to do so.)

Hi Dragonstar --

Yes, I really do! :)

sarah bailey knight said...


Wow beautiful shots and scenery. At first I thought the turquoise in the prison photo was a swimming pool but in close up realize it's part of an exercise area. This is the second correctional facility I've seen that has a lovely location!!!

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

I'm curious: Which is the first correctional facility you've seen in a lovely location? (By any chance, is it Shek O prison? Because I caught sight of it on a hike last weekend!)

Willow said...

lol. Flowers so pretty. Definitely poisonous!

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

You mean the berries (not flowers), right? ;b

lissa said...

about the blogging friends award - ytsl, you may passed on the award to others but it is not necessary - at least to me - but it is a nice way of saying how much you enjoy someone's blog - but you don't have to unless you want to

YTSL said...

Hi Lissa --

Thanks for getting back to me on the blogging friends award thingy. It'd be nice to pass it on; just have to read the guidelines more carefully, etc.