Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hong Kong Rocks

It may not be shaped like a dragon but
Lion Rock still may well be Hong Kong's
most emblematic rock structure

As the proverbial 'they' say, time flies when you're having fun. And indeed, it's a bit of a shock to realize that it's been more than three months since I stopped writing (and editing) for bc magazine. And even more of a surprise to discover that the latest issue of the magazine has a piece written by me more than three months ago now as its cover feature article...

In any event, Hong Kong Rocks is the article's title but while I do continue to believe that Hong Kong does rock, actually the article really is about rocks in Hong Kong! And lest anyone wonder, of course I put in a mention of Lion Rock in the piece. Also, the famous Joseph Koo-James Wong song, the English translation of whose evocative lyrics can be found here (courtesy of the Lion Rock Spirit blog); excerpts of which include the following lines:-

Happiness is a certainty in life,
though there are times of tears,
Ever since we met beneath this Lion Rock,
there are more smiles more than sighs.

There are unavoidable obstacles in life,
Though journeys are without their woes & worries,
let's make this journey together
since we live beneath this Lion Rock...

...we shall find common ground
amidst adversities hand in hand,
Because together,
we are writing HK's success
amongst hardship with our hard work...

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