Wednesday, December 5, 2007

From Wan Chai Gap to Aberdeen (Photo-essay)

A few days back, I was contacted by a friend who I had gone on a hike from
Wan Chai Gap down to Aberdeen with a few weeks back, asking whether I'd be game to go on another hike with her. Upon doing so, I realized with a start how long ago it has been since we had done that bit of hiking -- and, in fact, since then, I've gone on three other hikes in different parts of the territory! So I figure that it's high time that I put up some of my photos from what actually may well be the easiest Hong Kong hike I had hitherto gone on -- on account of it being either downhill or a flat walk pretty much all the way -- and possibly the least scenic (yet for all that, here is a set of photos to show that it's not like there had been nothing to see along the walk either!)... :)

View of our destination that day, Aberdeen,
from our starting point at Wan Chai Gap

Panoramic views weren't particularly in abundance
on this hike but water sure was
! -- A case in point:
here's a scenic view of one of the Aberdeen Reservoirs

Another watery view found along the way

A more artistic shot than usual
that, nonetheless, also involves water! ;b

One of these days, I'll get myself a nature guide
that will help me identify the interesting flora
I often see while out hiking in Hong Kong!

Towards the end of the hike, we came across
a bunch of these beautiful red flowers

that looked, for all intents and purpose,
like they had been growing in the wild

Before getting into Aberdeen proper,
we first had to pass through a huge --
and, to my mind, quite photogenic! -- cemetery

Look far and through the gap
in between the multi-storey buildings
to catch a glimpse of Aberdeen's famed Harbour!


Willow said...

Nice shots. Hardly any smog to speak of too.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Yes, some days are smoggier than others. Also, the situation can vary on smoggy days depending on the direction that you look. E.g., when hiking again yesterday and while it was smoggy when looking out towards the sea, it wasn't so bad when looking inland over on Hong Kong island.