Friday, August 22, 2008

Wong Nai Chung Gap to Stanley (photo-essay)

Weather update: As I write this, the eye of Tropical Cyclone (more specifically, Severe Storm -- now relegated down from Typhoon -- Nuri) is passing directly over Hong Kong, causing a temporary lull that makes the air feel distinctly still, very humid and hotter than one might like. What with Typhoon Signal No. 9 still firmly in place, one has felt compelled to remain in one's apartment pretty much all afternoon... with the result being that I'm feeling rather cabin feverish and thus would like to look back, via this photo-essay, at a hike I took back on a beautifully cool day this past February from what has become a favorite hiking hub in Wong Nai Chung Gap through reservoir rich Tai Tam Country Park down south to the seaside town of Stanley.

Shortly after entering Tai Tam Country Park from
Wong Nai Chung Gap, my hiking companion and I found
what looked to be a fairly new route up
to a designated viewing point

From there, one was presented with views
like this one of the
Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir
that made the extra climb feel very worthwhile

A closer view of the Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir,
nearby bridge and all

Another, larger reservoir in the Tai Tam Group
passed along our hike -- this one known as
the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir

The Chekiang Machilus (Machilus chekiangensis) plant
whose new leaves bloom in early spring,
their red color getting them easily mistaken
for blooming flowers from a distance

Many a time had I ridden a bus to Stanley
without realizing that a few feet above the road lies
a catchwater that also makes for part of a hiking trail

Scenic view of Stanley peninsula along with town

Close to the end of the trail and just a few hundred meters
away from Stanley town with its bars, restaurants, etc.


sarah bailey knight said...


Nice dark and light contrast in the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir picture. Unusual shape too.

Wow, I thought they were flowers in the Chekiang Machilus photo

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Thanks for commenting on this entry. It was looking rather neglected -- what with the "wrinkled" Photo Hunt and Klang bak kut teh entries on either side of it having gotten quite a bit of attention...

Re the Tai Tam reservoirs as a whole: I think they're all interesting and beautiful. And viewing points for them so wonderfully accessible! :)