Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shiny (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

This week's Photo Hunt theme was one of those on the 2007 Photo Hunt Themes list that I worried for a time that I couldn't think up or find a good photo for. That is, until this past Tuesday (a public holiday here in Hong Kong on account of it being Tuen Ng -- aka the Dragon Boat Festival or Dumplings day!), when I decided to take my mother -- who was here visiting for a few days -- around different parts of the territory, including over to Diamond Hill to visit the sublime Chi Lin Nunnery and adjoining Nan Lian Garden.

I had previously been to the Tang Dynasty-style Chi Lin Nunnery a few years ago. So I knew what would be in store for me there in term of aesthetic delights. However, this was my -- not just my mother's -- first visit to the similarly Tang Dynasty-style Nan Lian Garden, which only officially opened to the public less than a year ago. Consequently, I had little inkling that I'd find a park that would be as beautiful as it is there; and one that came complete with a pagoda -- and one that was so shiny! -- as part of, plus dominating, its landscape.

In the manner of Beijing's Forbidden City and Summer Palace, this Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department-administered space has some bombastic-sounding names. For instance, the shiny Pagoda happens to be at the center of the Pavilion of Absolute Perfection Lotus Pond! And although that description of the place may tad exaggerated, I'd actually freely grant that the LCSD at least does seem to be heading in the right direction as far as its mandate of "Quality Services for Quality Life" is concerned. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice submission for this week's Photo Hunt theme. Also like how the colorfulness of the garden's buildings contrast with the Chi Lin Nunnery's more 'subdued' buildings.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could title your photos something like "Photos of Absolutely Perfect Shininess Found Unexpectedly."

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Absolutely re the garden's buildings contrasting with the Chi Lin Nunnery's more 'subdued' buildings. Yet, it's not too jarring a contrast at all, actually, and really do think that the nunnery and the garden make for a nice pair of places to visit one after the other. :)

Hi Alejna --

Teeheehee at your suggestion! :)

Janine White said...

Beautiful site. Good composition. Mine's up, too.

jmb said...

That is indeed a beautiful place, an oasis in the busy city. Thanks for showing us, you always give a great explanation as well.

YTSL said...

Hi janine white --

Thanks and as you know, I did go pay your blog a visit! :)

Hi jmb --

Thanks to you too and I'm glad that you're continuing to visit. :)

Samantha & Mom said...

Wonderful photos. They look SHINY to us. We love the way the stand out from the surroundings. Great take on the theme!! Have a happy weekend!!
Samantha & Tigger

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Beautiful photos!

Gattina said...

I wished I could see that in life ! It just looks beautiful !

YTSL said...

Hi jcfloresinc (Samantha and Tigger) --

Glad you like the photo and happy weekend to you too! :)

Hi Mama Bear June --

Yep, I think so (too)! ;b

Hi Gattina --

You seem like the travelling sort. Wouldn't put it past you to come over to Hong Kong and see it in real life some time... ;)

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow...those pagodas really look wonderful. Hong Kong has lots of that. Where's my dumplings? I love eating dumplings. I can eat 5 at one time :P Have a nice weekend :)

YTSL said...

Hi criz lai --

Actually, don't think that Hong Kong has all that many pagodas! As for dumplings: Hahaha, just had a big bowl of Shanghai dumplings for lunch today! :D

Andree said...

You have so much beauty and history around you. I am so glad that you share the beautifiul photographs and commentary.

amandazen said...

Very awesome shots! Perfect for shiny.


srp said...

What a great photo for the hunt... there are always nice surprises when you least expect it!

Unknown said...

very nice blog.
interesting read and sharing.
thanks for your comment on my blog
have a great week

YTSL said...

Hi meeyauw --

And I'm so glad that people like you come and visit my blog so I can share the beauty, etc. with others. :)

Hi ttbookjunkie (amanda) --

Really appreciate the compliments. Thanks! :)

Hi srp --

Don't you love it when life springs nice surprises into your path? :)

Hi Pete --

Thanks for coming over and reading my blog. Glad you found it to be an interesting read. :)