Saturday, May 30, 2020

Visual reminders of Hong Kong's existing beauty and allure (Photo-essay)

Compared to the previous few days, yesterday and today have been on the quiet side in Hong Kong as far as political manouverings and protests go.  Ditto when compared with what's been happening over on the other side of the world in Minnesota and elsewhere in the USA.  (My solidarity, more than by the way, with the protestors against police brutality over there.)

Of course, this is not to say that everything's peachy keen here by any means.  And even on the Wuhan coronavirus front, anxiety levels have been raised by there having been a total of 16 new cases over the past two days (all of which were imported and actually involved returnees who had flown back on the same plane from Pakistan).

Still, I think this is a good time to serve up some reminders of Hong Kong's physical beauty -- as seen not on hikes (which I've not been on for a few weeks now because the weather's been on the rainy and gloomy side recently) but on urban walks.  For here's the thing: I know that Hong Kong is its people but it also is a particular place that really has its own unique allure that I hope the Communist Chinese regime and its quislings won't be able to completely destroy, however hard they try...

It pays to look up from time to time when walking around in Taikoo Shing :)
How idyllic it can all seem, given favorable circumstances
Buildings, mountain, people, sea (or, okay, harbour!) and sky

View across Victoria Harbour from Kowloonside,
Yes, fishing boats still can be sighted in Victoria Harbour!
Yes, I think there's beauty to be found in a concrete jungle
And, actually, it's not that hard to catch glimpses of the greener side 
of the Big Lychee even when you're right in the concrete jungle... :)


peppylady (Dora) said...

Glad you share your city with your blog. We have a storm coming in.

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

I try to share (about) my city all the time!

Unknown said...

The shades of both blue and gray sky above the waters in different states of motion fit well the shifting moods of day. Thank you for this tour of Hong Kong in such striking images.

YTSL said...

Hi "Unknown" --

Where's the gray? I mainly see blue skies in my photos! ;b