Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On the occasion of Funassyi's 1879th birthday :)

A Pear (Fairy) that moves so fast 
it can look like just a blur in photos...

 A Pear (Fairy) so hyper Ozzy Osbourne felt obliged to 
ask it to calm down at one point during their 
famous meeting at Ozzy's Beverly Hills pad! :O

A Pear (Fairy) that's quite the rock star itself! :)

As Americans gear up to celebrate their country's 241st birthday, the part of the world where I currently reside has just a few minutes to go before it's no longer July 4th -- the day I celebrate more for it being my favorite Pear Fairy's birthday than the USA's Independence Day!

Although Funassyi has only been an actual physical presence since April 2012 (something which is being currently being celebrated in terms of 2017 being the 5th anniversary of it descending to Earth to bring joy and laughter to our lives), it supposedly came into being on July 4th, 138 (which is now known as nashi no hi: i.e., Pear Day (note: 7 can be read in Japanese as "na" and 4 and as "shi")).  So today happens to be the adorable character's 1879th birthday

One year on since it celebrated its 1878th birthday, the Pear (as the Pear Fairy is often affectionately referred to) can look back at a number of remarkable milestones in its "career" and life.  Considering how much of a music lover this yellow creature (which some of my friends have mistakenly mistaken for a mango, banana and Twinkie) is, I wouldn't put it past it considering its having headlined a concert at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan to be its greatest achievement this year, maybe ever!

From the astounded reactions of my Japanese friends, for whom the Budokan is akin to a sacred venue, I got to realizing how amazing it is for Funassyi to have performed there.  But what's even more impressive for me is not only that the Pear has since gone on tour with fellow gotouchi chara (which has been memorialized by way of a Ketsugubuo Tour DVD, which I feel so privileged to have a copy of) but also that this incredibly admirable as well as adorable character actually donated his appearance fee and all the royalties he earned from the Budokan and associated Osaka-jo concerts to Kumamoto earthquake relief
On a personal note, a few days after Funassyi celebrated its previous birthday, the Pear actually came over to Hong Kong -- and not only did I get to see the Pear perform live but I actually got "high fived" by it!  Then, a few months later, I went on a pilgrimage to Funassyi's hometown of Funabashi, during which I -- along with my mother and a fellow Funassyi fan -- went an ate the Pear's favorite sauce ramen at his favorite ramen-ya as well as did some shopping at the flagship Funassyiland branch over at Lala Port-Tokyo Bay.  

Among my acquisitions that day was a replica of a nice-sized Funassyi plush that I had seen at the Harajuku branch of Funassyiland when I visited there some months earlier.  Reluctant to buy it then because I worried that it'd not fit into my luggage, I had consequently been consumed with much regret at not having taking the plunge and acquired it.  So when given a second chance, I didn't hesitate to go for it and take possession of that wonderfully detailed plushie that comes with such as a Funassyi name tag, an "Illusion" (as well as a "Red Hole"), and even large stitches on the soles of its feet -- and some months on, I'm so glad I did as I love this Funassyi plushie as well as the real Funassyi so! :) 

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